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A passion for moving images

A passion for moving images.


S1E4: Alien Resurrection

This week, we discuss Alien: Resurrection, the rapid evolution of big-studio filmmaking, the importance of managing tone and how best to translate the tone of a script to the screen, specifically via casting and the direction of said cast. We also make an earnest plea to armchair YouTube film critics to approach each film from a scholarly angle, as a work to be studied and discussed rather than derided and dismissed in the interest of empty-headed snark and sarcasm.

In our Advanced Studies, we discuss Firefly and Serenity, alongside the career of Joss Whedon this week, and explore the 2nd trilogy of Resident Evilfilms (Afterlife/Retribution/The Final Chapter) as examples of comparatively successful, idea-driven Euro-helmed sci-fi/adventure films that are, when taken as a whole, surprisingly ambitious.

Thanks as always to our brilliant Sound Engineer Drew DeVore, and be sure to check out the following clips/articles/and commencement addresses we reference off and on throughout the episode: 

Key and Peele - Awkward Conversation

Film Crit Hulk - Never Hate a Movie

David Foster Wallace - This is Water