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A passion for moving images

A passion for moving images.


S1E2: Aliens

Join us as we continue our journey through the Alien franchise with our discussion of James Cameron's masterwork of sci-fi action cinema, 1986's Aliens

We dive into behind the making of the film, James Cameron's career to-date, and explore the continuum of genre filmmaking that produced this film. With examples of films that directly led to this one (1941, Poltergeist, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom), as well as others that incorporate and repurpose many of this film's strengths (Mad Max: Fury Road, Green Room).

We also discuss a more conventional/less successful sequel path not taken, by looking at Dan O'Bannon's contemporaneous sci-fi blockbuster, 1985's Lifeforce. And we top it all off by yelling at everyone to be nicer to James Cameron. 

Special thanks goes out to Drew DeVore, our fearless editor.