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A passion for moving images.


S1E7: Jaws Part 2


This week on the Empathy Machine Podcast, we return to the ocean to talk more about Jaws and mostly advocate for more violence on screen, and for showing Jaws to children as young as you possibly can. 

Special thanks as always to our Fearless Sound Engineer Drew DeVore, and Extra Special Thanks to Jackie DeVore from the Sirens of Scream podcast for helping out with the episode intro this week.

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And, in case you missed them last week, below are a few fascinating video essays on the man, the myth, the legend, and his shark named Bruce:

Spielberg Reacts to Oscar Nom Announcements:

Inside Jaws: A Filmumentary by Jamie Benning:

How Spielberg Builds Tension:

Spielberg and the Horror Inside Blockbusters:

The Spielberg Oner (Every Frame A Painting):