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A passion for moving images

A passion for moving images.


S1E5: We Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Vol. 1


This week, we discuss a pair of 1970s sports films due to the fact that I [Andrew] had not yet seen them. We start in 1977 with George Roy Hill's Slap Shot, and work our way backwards all the way to 1976 to discuss Michael Ritchie's work on the original Bad News Bears.

For our advanced studies, we discuss Michael Ritchie's late-career triumph the underseen (and distressingly unavailable to stream anywhere other than Vudu) 1992 effort Diggstown, and explore the baseball-related filmography of Richard Linklater, most specifically his 2016 film Everybody Wants Some, while discussing what makes for a great sports movie, and if certain sports are simply more cinematic than others.

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